- Kate Wilson

I have been Annie Sloan'd! 

I am not going to be lie I am an Annie Sloan groupie now! What a morning of fun in the Mulberry Mongoose workshop. Linda Clemensoon, from Statement Design Zambia, burst into our lives in her charismatic way laden with tins of paint, brushes, sand paper and.... a hair dryer?!

A gaggle of us local artisans (Zillah from Azimai, Raph and Celine from Tribal Textiles and Artison and myself from Mulberry Mongoose) sat enthralled as we learnt how Annie Sloan has built an empire from creating beauitful, eco friendly paints. This paint is extraordinary.. you can eat it (appealing to my daughter Ava), dye cloth with it and of course revitalise your old pieces of furniture. Annie Sloan has created colours that make you feel like a kid in a sweet shop too! She is a lady after our own heart, as proceeds from her latest beauiful colour 'Lem Lem' go back to Oxfam.

We learnt to distress, create texture and combine colours to amazing effect. Mulberry Mongoose is so excited to add Annie Sloan colour to our workshop and accent our hand crafted jewellery. We can't wait to share the transformation!

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