Silver Zebra Collection

I have always loved the striking contrast of black and white and believe the zebra can only be described as extremely fashionable by nature! As they run past en masse they are aptly described as a dazzle of zebra. We were inspired by their dramatic beauty to create a collection that is striking and sophisticated . Replacing the white stripes with the shimmer of snare wire to stay connected to our love of transforming something brutal, set down to harm zebra and other wildlife, to something beautiful. The Zebra collection uses wooden beads made by hand.. no electrical tools are available to this talented carpenter. This is why each bead is unique art in it's own right. And amazingly this beautiful black wood is known as Zebra wood due to is white exterior and black interior. In this design we marry each bead with hammered snare wire, vintage Zambian coins and ethiopian prayer beads. We love it's look and the passion each element represents.