8 Tips this Father's Day.

8 Tips this Father's Day.

We thought we'd share some bush-inspired things for Father's Day that'll make it extra-special. Take advantage of our Father's Day discount code, with 30% off our men's coiled snare and cord bracelets - in black, navy, and bronze. Write a sweet message in the card of his coming gift - delivery is 7-10 days - that gives back to our conservation efforts. Then, take a tip from below to celebrate the day, inspired by the African bush!

1. Start the day with an all-star brunch.

8 Tips this Father's Day : Brunch

The best way to start off Father's Day? A bush brunch! An all-star spread including fritters, guacamole, baked beans, and maybe some eggs and boerewors for those that eat them. Don't forget the coffee and OJ!

2. Go for a hike.

8 Tips this Father's Day : Go for a hike

Enjoy the great outdoors as a family by exploring your local hiking and biking trails or driving to the nearest National Park. Let dad choose the path and take plenty of family photos.

3. Plant a Tree together.

8 Tips this Father's Day : Plant a tree

Plant a tree in your backyard or maybe even in a forest. What better thing to do together than planting a tree that you'll enjoy watching grow for years to come?

4. Have a backyard picnic.

8 Tips for Father's Day : PicnicHere's an easy way to impress dad on his special day: Pack up some sandwiches, grab a blanket and then head out to your backyard for a family picnic. He'll definitely enjoy the sunshine (let's hope it's sunny!) and some fun backyard games.


5. Fire up the grill.

8 Tips for Father's Day : GrillFather's Day is best celebrated with fantastic foo. So, whether you call it a braai, a BBQ, a barbi or a grill, fire it up! Take the opportunity to learn a thing or two from dad, or simply cheer him on.


6. Go camping.

8 Tips for Father's Day : Go camping

Whether you head to a campsite for the weekend or decide to set up a tent in your own backyard, dad will love roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories around the fire.


7. Have a family game night.

8 Tips for Father's Day : Family gamesThis year, let dad lean into his competitive side during a family game night. Classics like Jenga, charades or Monopoly are always popular. If dad loves quizzes and brain teasers, you can even host a family trivia night.


8. Build a campfire.

8 Tips for Father's Day : CampfireEnd his Father's Day on a sweet note beside a crackling fire - maybe roasting marshmallows! Ask everyone in the circle to share their fondest memory with dad or grandpa. It'll make this moment even sweeter.




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Happy Father's Day! We love seeing men wearing our snare bracelets. They resonate strongly with the message about the need for conservation and the African bush. It's a great symbol of what's important to them. That's why today we're offering a 30% discount on our coiled snare and cord men's bracelets.

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