Shipping: Your order's safari journey

Your jewelry is hand crafted in our Shop Less Ordinary in the South Luangwa, Zambia. Our passionate team make each piece to a backdrop of baboon bouncing on our roof, goats and chickens scratching the earth outside and passing lion and elephant.

Once created and quality checked by Esnart, Peggy and Phelida, your order is given one last check by Clera. Then it takes a safari by taxi to our Mfuwe International Airport (our small but vibrant airport). Here it boards a plane to Lusaka International airport where DHL collect your parcel and load it onto an international flight. It takes on average 2-3working days to get from our workshop in the bush to our capital. During that time, you can’t trace it. As soon as Lusaka DHL receive and upload it, you can use the Airway bill number we email you to track it.

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