Who We Are

We create jewelry as a symbol of our belief in positive transformation.

We put deep thought into what we do, from choosing our business name to defining and working with our values.

How it all started

Our story began, like many other great stories, with a romance. Our English Founder, Kate Wilson, met her now husband, Zimbabwean born Dave, whilst living in London. At this point she had never stepped foot on African soil. Dave’s passion for the African bush was no secret and within the space of 6 months he had proposed and moved Kate to the South Luangwa, Zambia.  She found herself landing in Africa daunted, unsure and on the brink of the biggest adventure of her life. Check out this video to hear more in Kate’s own words.

Why the name?

Our name captures our business DNA. We are inspired by the banded mongoose, a wonderful animal who survives in the African bush by caring for their community; one mongoose keeps a look out while others feed or watch the young.  They are stronger because they look after one another; likewise, we thrive because giving back is at the core of our business. Fun fact, the collective name for mongoose is a Business! Mulberry is a British colour and a nod to our Founder who grew up with a Mulberry tree in her garden. The British colour, Mulberry, represents our commitment to international service and the creation of high-end, beautifully designed pieces. We don’t mention this is achieved whilst juggling challenges such as elephant bashing our front door down and baboons stealing the cash box (true stories!).

Beauty from Brutality

We turn lethal poachers' traps into beautiful jewelry. We design with locally sourced materials to invest in our rural community while showcasing the unique, creative landscape of the African bush. This journey of transformation generates positivity in many ways.

  1. It brings joy to our compassionate clients who love supporting brave Rangers, conservation & African empowerment while looking unique and beautiful in our ethical jewelry.
  2. It supports our team who are empowered through meaningful employment which showcases their skill and ingenuity.
  3. It removes brutal snare traps preventing them from being stolen and re-used to maim or even kill animals. . 
  4. It supports and celebrates our community of local artisans.
  5. It raises donations for critical conservation work with each sale.

Our Values

We are very proud of our empowered, Zambian team and all-female management team; we believe this has been built by honoring our 5 core values.

  • Discipline

    We work hard to be commercially aware, disciplined, and purposeful. Our Trust pilot reviews speak to this.

  • Growth

    We empower ourselves through our business. We take each challenge and grow through it with gratitude.

  • Care

    We maximise our positive impact whenever we can. Like buying from our local Zambian suppliers.

  • Transparency

    We overcome cultural and work communication challenges by being honest, open and positive.

  • Joyful-Bravery

    Our work is demanding and life in the bush is hard. We meet each challenge with courage and joy.

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"Beautiful jewellery, well-made, original, and to top all of that, made from snare wire and giving a donation to conservation. There's a lot to love here!" - Penny, Great Britain

Rated 4.9 Stars on TrustPilot