Our Courageous Team

'I know that the work we do matters, not only to me, but to many more people across countries. Learning many more skills as we grow, this gives me so much joy' – Clera Njobvu, Operations Manager

The heart and soul of our business is our team.  We are 11 rural Zambians who work with our British Founder, Kate. Trained in-house, we have over 39 years of snare-jewelry making experience combined.  Many of us have been with Mulberry Mongoose for over 7 years.  7 of us are women and we are all proud to have a supportive, all-female management team.

  • Kate - Our Founder

    "To be passionate about your business and to see it add value to the world, is a great gift. To learn and grow stronger in yourself each day because of that is an incredible blessing."

  • Clera - Our Operations Manager

    "My favourite part of this job is meeting and sharing our unique story to the people that may have or even never heard of snares."

  • Phelida – Our Production Manager

    "My favourite thing about work is looking at how Mulberry Mongoose & its team support each other is what gives me joy."

  • Grace – Our Pioneering Snare Bead Maker

    "What gives me joy about my work is knowing that through what we do we preserve our childrens future."

  • Naomi – Our Jewelry Maker

    "It’s like working with your best friends; constantly sharing stories and giving advice to each other. And I love meeting the international clients."

  • Yobo – From Watchman to Jewelry Maker

    "Each day is a joy knowing I am creating something that is giving back into my and the communities future."


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"Beautiful jewellery, well-made, original, and to top all of that, made from snare wire and giving a donation to conservation. There's a lot to love here!" - Penny, Great Britain

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