Caring for your Mulberry Mongoose

We are over the moon that you are choosing Mulberry Mongoose. Not only does your purchase generate essential income but having you wear and share our story has huge impact.

We want to make sure your Mulberry Mongoose piece stays with you for many years to come. Below are some helpful guidelines and please email with any questions on



Snare wire is a metal and rusts, our pieces are particularly at risk by the ocean. Fear not though we are easy to de-rust. The best way is to have a trusty piece of P1200 sandpaper at hand. We need a gentle sanding to remove the rust. 

We can also be cleaned with silver polish, brasso or stainless-steel polish.

Snare wire jewelry that is worn continuously doesn’t normally rust. The problem sets in when jewelry is stored for periods of time and we have a cunning trick to help. Having worked with thousands of snare beads and pieces of jewellery we have run many an experiment on managing rust. Turns out, keeping our jewellery in a brown paper envelope prevents rust setting in; we think the moisture is absorbed by this material. So, if you want to be super on top of things, keep the brown paper envelope that your order comes in and pop your Mulberry Mongoose inside when not being worn.


Guinea Feathers

These extraordinary feathers, bought from local farmers, are extremely resilient like their namesake. They are light and easy to travel with, but the feathers can become split and look dishevelled. However, they are easily reshaped using your fingertips.

We strongly advise you keep feathers flat. The strong white spine can get bent out of shape if not. We always travel with them in their chitenge bag and lay them flat in a wash bag to manage this.


Is my Mulberry Mongoose water friendly?

Mongoose love water, but not all our pieces follow suit. Check the product description where it will indicate if a piece is fully water proof, water resistance or flat out not happy in water. Below is a helpful guide:

Water friendly Mulberry Mongoose pieces

These pieces do not need to be removed in water.
Gladiator bracelet & rings
Paracord unisex bracelet
Pangolin collection
Original snare bracelets
Snare links bracelets

Water resistant

These pieces can be worn in water but colour will fade over time.
Friendship snare bracelet
Hammered cord snare bracelets
Cord snare bracelets
Unisex snare bracelets

Pieces that, unlike their namesake, really hate water

Our seeds, especially lucky beans, are extremely durable but hate water. Please keep them dry.