Our Care Guide

We are over the moon that you are choosing Mulberry Mongoose. Not only does your purchase generate essential income but having you wear and share our story has huge impact. We want to ensure your Mulberry Mongoose stays with you for many years to come. Below are some helpful guidelines.

Please take note of the care instruction in Design Detail on each product page sharing: Keep away from water, Water resistant, Waterproof.

Managing Rust

Snare wire is a metal cable or wire, normally stolen, that poachers have turned into a trap.

Each snare wire trap differs in size, texture, and composition but is often stolen fencing wire or cabling and of a stainless steel-alloy composition. This means our metal snare beads differ and will be affected by rust differently.

The snare wire beads will rust over time but fear not, the rust can be removed. The best way is to have a trusty piece of P1200 sandpaper at hand; we provide a piece in each order, and you can buy it from any hardware store. We find a nail file is just as helpful for rust removal too! You gently sand a snare bead to remove the rust Click here to see a video

Extra tips

Snare wire jewelry that is worn continuously tends to rust less. The problem often sets in when jewelry is stored for periods of time. Keeping jewelry in the brown paper envelope we send orders out in prevents rust by absorbing moisture from the air. 

You can clean off rust with silver polish, brasso, or stainless-steel polish; although it can get fluid on other beads and takes longer so we don’t recommend it.

To read more about Snare wire traps click here for our full story.

Guinea Feathers

These locally sourced feathers are resilient and long lasting.

When the feathers split and look disheveled simply reshape them with your fingertips. Click here to see a video.

The central white spine of the feather must not bend so store them flat and ideally, but it's not essential, keep them in their chitenge gift bag when not being worn.

If travelling with them we recommend keeping them protected and flat by placing them between the pages of a book or something similar.

To learn more about how we ethically source our guinea fowl feathers and the importance of smallholder farming in our rural African economy click here.

Local seeds

These seeds are very strong as long as they are kept away from water.

Lucky beans fall apart when they meet water and Vegetable ivory seeds and zulu seeds discolor.

Also, if you are wearing them in a rain storm, it’s a good plan to remove them and keep them dry until you find cover!

Any questions we are here to help message us.