A crazy announcement…

A crazy announcement…

I wasn’t sure of the best way to share this news, so I will just spit it out. Our family are moving to Johannesburg. Yes, we are asking our Bush Babies to become City Slickers... and ourselves too. Pretty scary stuff.

Having lived in the Zambian bush for over 11 years a move to South Africa’s capital seems rather out of character! But don’t worry it’s all for the right reasons. My husband is lucky enough to have started working for African Parks. I am sure you know this visionary non governmental organisation that is making an extraordinary impact on the protection of Africa’s wild spaces. This role is everything Dave believes in and stands for and the girls and I are very proud of him.


As for Sienna and Ava, well we want them to feel empowered and open to identifying and working towards a career that really matters to them. So, we figured we must do it ourselves so they know it's possible. True there will be sacrifices, playing in muddy puddles might not be as feasible! But there will also be opportunities and ways to ensure the girls remain soulfully connected to the African bush.


And what about Mulberry Mongoose?  Please don’t worry she remains a top priority in my life. Mulberry Mongoose is an extension of who I am, my values and how I like to see the world. So, this change comes at the right time for her too. I believe necessity is the mother of all inventions and this move will enable us to grow stronger.

I will still be at the helm of the company driving Strategy, Marketing, Design and looking after our fantastic clients. I will visit the team often too! Most importantly I will be further empowering our awesome team to handle more of the workshop management. This means investment and up-skilling on process and systems. We are over the moon to have Antonia stay on in the South Luangwa to continue mentoring the team and managing our flagship store in the South Luangwa. 

Whilst this will be a challenge of note Mulberry Mongoose prides itself on being courageous.  I passionately believe the company needs this to evolve further, and we will work incredibly hard to keep growing stronger.

Do write if you have any questions or suggestions and thank you for joining us on this exciting, passionate and immense journey.

Take care,

Kate x












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