A feel good conservation story...

A feel good conservation story...

A Lioness’s Lucky Escape

Let me tell you the story of Manky Ear, a young lioness in the Luwi pride of South Luangwa National Park, her namesake torn ear only added character to her majestic elegance. Strong and wily she was a key hunter in the pride until the day she got caught in a snare.

Wire tight round her neck she was choked with pain. Thankfully the Zambian Carnivore Programme monitor the lions in the park and it was during a check up on the Luwi pride that they found Manky Ear.

The team jumped into action and alerted Conservation South Luangwa to help carry out the de-snaring operation. Vehicles all round, lion tranquillised, fantastic vet Dr Mwamba cut the snare out from Manky Ear’s fur and treated her wound.

Four years later Manky Ear successfully raised her first litter of cubs and to this day she still stalks through the grass of the valley with the Luwi pride.

Manky Ear is just one of dozens of animals saved and we love sharing happy endings like hers so keep an eye out for our next feel good conservation story. 

By Antonia Gillett

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