- Kate Wilson

Holly Budge wears Mulberry Mongoose

Holly Budge inspires us to do more with our passion and commitment. We are forgiven for not signing up her achievements to our bucket list, she became the first woman to skydive mount Everest in 2007, set a world record for racing 1000kms across Mongolia on horseback in 2008 and summitted Everest in 2017! But her words agitate the soul to keep doing more and, perhaps most importantly, to embrace and love that journey..

 “My mission is to inspire others to daydream, meander, run, climb and jump into their own adventures’ says Holly.

 She has made over £300 k for charity and is an ardent supporter of elephant conservation through her creative project howmanyelephants. Whether we visit her website, sign up for her talks, buy her stationery or just appreciate what she stands for we are starting down our own inspirational journey.

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