An interview with Clera Njobvu to celebrate World Female Ranger Week

An interview with Clera Njobvu to celebrate World Female Ranger Week

"World Female Ranger Week is amplifying the voices of female rangers around the world to celebrate their impactful work; Protecting wildlife, empowering women and uplifting communities." explains How Many Elephants.

Connecting with Holly Budge of How Many Elephants is one of the many reasons we love what we do. This dynamic, passionate and very down to earth female explorer makes things happen and is fully aligned with her values. It is always a privilege when Mulberry Mongoose gets to collaborate with her.

No more so than celebrating her brain child World Female Ranger Week. Rangers are courageous men and women who risk their lives to patrol and protect our wild spaces. I always think it's important to note that these custodians of our wildlife heritage not only put themselves in harms way of poachers but also the very wildlife they try and save. What a noble feat to save animals so courageously.

Holly instigated World Female Ranger week to celebrate the ever growing and exciting number of female Rangers.  To see people reaching for careers that add value and about which they feel passionate is a subject our Mulberry Mongoose team believe in strongly.

Brave female rangers Maureen Mulenga and Daisy Banda working for Conservation South Luangwa

We have added an elephant stamped bracelet to our website and for the whole of World Female Ranger week we will be donating $5 from each purchase to this cause.

To mark this important week our very own Clera Njobvu gives an interview about her life, our work and her feelings about World Female Ranger week. Please click here to enjoy.


Clera Njobvu

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