- Kate Wilson

Celebrating the arrival of our bush baby.. Sienna!

We are delighted to welcome the newest addition to the team, our little Bush Baby… Sienna Wilson.

At seven weeks old Sienna has already inherited my love of brightly coloured beads and we look forward to her contribution to future designs!


Sienna was born in Johannesburg returning to Zambia at just ten days old. But her arrival home got off to a bumpy start when a spitting cobra turned up in our bedroom just as we were putting her to sleep! My husband, Dave, saw it rise up in anger, hood flared and focused on him. He patiently faced it down for a long 10 minutes until the snake relaxed, before rushing Sienna out of the room. When we returned the snake had vanished. At exactly the same time the next night, I felt something hit my face; the furious snake was on our bathroom door and had spat at me. Only then did Dave manage to get the snake out of our house. As terrifying as it was Sienna smiled her way through the whole drama oblivious to the commotion!

At just seven weeks old, she’s quickly adjusted to her life in the Zambian bush and already happily falls asleep to the distant call of lions.



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