Chapter 1: The reluctant proposal

Chapter 1: The reluctant proposal

It’s fair to say Mulberry Mongoose officially began with a wedding proposal. Not your average wedding proposal either. I was working in recruitment in London; my life revolved around the tube, work, and London bars. My now husband, Dave, broke the routine by taking me on a canoe Safari to Zimbabwe for my first trip to Africa; it is here that he popped the question.

It was quite a funny marriage proposal. I was in no way ready to get married. It was the day of my 26th birthday and, blissfully ignorant of Dave’s proposal plans, I was dreaming of the red dressing gown I hoped he would gift me. The proposal was made in a small hotel outside of Harare, he called me over to give me my birthday gift... I excitedly appeared hoping for the long awaited for dressing gown and I was stunned into silence by an engagement ring on a candlelit balcony. I was terrified instead of elated; but as it happened that squeak of a yes marked the beginning of the most expansive, happy, and fulfilling next Chapter of my life.

There wasn’t much time to dwell, within 4 months of the proposal Dave had found us a job in the Zambian bush and I was saying goodbye to family and friends….that’s where the Mulberry Mongoose story really gets started!

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