Emily Lamb & Matt Armstrong Ford - An Engagement Story

Emily Lamb & Matt Armstrong Ford - An Engagement Story

We are over the moon to have the passionate conservationists Emily and Matt share the Pangolin Collection Ring as their engagement rings. Read Emily's words below on how they met and more about them.


Mulberry Mongoose: An Engagement Story, Emily Lamb & Matt Armstrong Ford

Mulberry Mongoose: An Engagement Story
Mulberry Mongoose: An Engagement Story Mulberry Mongoose: An Engagement Story


How we met:

We met through the world of Instagram ! A clear connection through the ether and images to all things Africa and travel. I started out by asking to use his photographs for painting reference, and after the 20th time we decided to swap numbers and the connection grew from there. We were both travelling extensively then but over the space of 6 months managed to cross paths a few times as friends and spoke a LOT on WhatsApp. After some months I just asked out right if he wanted to travel to Scotland together over Christmas - to which he said a cool and casual ‘yes’ !


When you knew he was the one:

I sensed something deeply aligning after the first meet up for just a coffee. A rushed 45 minutes of highly caffeinated chatting, yet underneath I saw and felt his kindness unparalleled. Also an openness in him and honestly that I sensed was something very beautiful. Our friendship came first however, due to the distance and constant travelling, but I trusted my gut and asked him outright to come away with me to Scotland that Winter after the work was done. Once we actually spent some time together, it was probably only weeks in that I realised this was a damn good egg and someone I shouldn’t let go of.


Our favourite thing to do as a couple:

Exploring Nature together, and watching our dog Toby enjoy the highlands of home in Scotland. Other than that we build dreams and reality around travelling as a new family (Baby due in one month!) on the road both in Africa and Europe.


Our funniest moment together:

We laugh a lot. There are many ! Matt takes great pleasure in taking pictures of me asleep on public transport with my mouth wide open (which happens every time, within minutes and is always extremely elegant…..! ) which he sends to my sister for their entertainment. Taking Matt to his first Scottish mountain in the winter months and realising he had snuck £20 into his pocket for the cafe at the top. This made me laugh simply because anyone that knows Scottish mountains knows they are deadly in winter. I’m talking crampons and ice axes. Safe to say we made it about 1/5th up and had to turn back due to a white out ! The great outdoors guide was somewhat embarrassed and bemused …!


Why I love africa:

It’s a soul thing. I feel at home there. There is an ancient calling and intensity to Africa like no other place in the world. The true Motherland and a place I feel instinctively connected to. Sometimes the most powerful senses and reasons are inexplainable…


Mulberry Mongoose: An Engagement Story, Emily and Matt

Get to know Emily and Matt

Both passionate conservationists, Emily and Matt use their creative skills to BE the change that they want to see in the world. In the small of their home life, Emily and Matt choose to be vegans, and - to the best of their ability - eat what they grow themselves. Beyond this, they use their creativity to support conservation work. 


Emily Lamb

Emily is a painter, she firmly believes in connecting people to the wilderness, current wildlife, and animal welfare affairs through her art.

She is dedicated to raising awareness - and fundraising - for the voiceless non-human animals in this world. To date, Emily Lamb Art has raised over a quarter of a million pounds for the liberation of animals worldwide. 

Her beliefs push for inclusivity in conservation: "that no matter how new to the conservation/welfare space, how evolved your ideas, or how abstract and risky your ambitions may seem on the outset, we have unwavering confidence in the grass-root-projects and individuals out there destined to shine a bright light in this world."

Emily's beautiful masterpiece titled 'Mother'.


Mulberry Mongoose: An Engagement Story, Emily Lamb


Matt Armstrong Ford

Matt is a Zoology graduate who trained as a Professional Safari Guide both in South Africa and Zambia. He has spent time managing camps and guiding safaris, with considerable experience in lodges and camps ranging from simple tented bush camps in really wild places to luxury lodges in fabulous locations.

This has given Matt real “hands on” experience, knowing how the behind the scenes of the safari industry works. His company Armstrong Safaris gives the opportunity to get you the very best out of camps and locations, exposing you to the brilliance of wildlife and landscape.

His professional, fun approach to guiding is coupled with a passion for wildlife, conservation and photography which he brings to every Safari. This passion he is now bringing into his life with Emily, and together they have created conservation support for organisations in need in both Africa and Asia.

One of Matt's incredible photographs of a leopardess hunting.

Mulberry Mongoose: An Engagement Story, Matt Armstrong Ford


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