Fresh look.. our new Rhino conservation design just got more beautiful

Fresh look.. our new Rhino conservation design just got more beautiful

One of our values is to source unique African materials for our designs. This makes our jewellery singular to the African bush and maximizes the revenue reinvested into our local economy. It also celebrates organic, natural materials and pushes our creative limits.

With this in mind we took another look at our Rhino conservation design. The shells were imported, did they need to be? Why couldn't we use the beautiful zulu seed to further infuse this design with Africa?

The zulu seed comes in shades of silver grey and no two beads are the same. They are hand picked by a local Zambian farmer in Kitwe, generating revenue from a plant that grows naturally on his land. Known as teething seeds African women traditionally give them to their babies to chew as their teeth come through. Our team prepare each seed by carefully removing their inner husk before using them in our designs.

Our Rhino conservation design is now made entirely from local seeds and hand crafted snare beads. Each sale donates to anti snare patrols in Zambia and to Stop Rhino Poaching. We feel pride at how hard this collection and our team work for a more ethical world.

Check out this new design on our website by clicking HERE.


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