- Kate Wilson

Holiday in the Wild tells a wonderful story of Zambian conservation...

                Photo of Rachel Murton, passionate and inaugural member of GRI, in our Original snare necklace posing with actors Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe

Guess what… Holiday in the Wild is out! This Netflix feel good Christmas film is partly set at Zambia’s Game Rangers International -Elephant Orphanage Project. Raising awareness about this not for profits' beautiful work. When an elephant loses their Mum to poaching, they are left alone and defenseless. They need milk, to learn survival skills and to deal with their deep emotional trauma. Game Rangers International Zambia take in orphaned elephant establishing a routine for them, feeding them and rehabilitating them back into the wild. 
Game Rangers International Zambia - Elephant Orphanage Project (EOP)*, a non-governmental organization based in Zambia, are the first elephant orphanage in Southern Africa and the second on the continent focusing on returning elephants to the wild. Their teams take orphaned Zambian elephants out for regular walks, put them on consistent feeding schedules, and watch over them while they sleep. 
Once the elephants are old enough to be weaned from milk, they transfer them to a special release facility in Kafue National Park. With a thousand other wild elephants near the facility, they help the orphans integrate into a wild herd, gaining the herd’s protection and learning the social skills they will need to thrive.

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