It's all about the positive circle

It's all about the positive circle

My Dad looked at me with a mixture of bemusement and affection. He had an annoying habit of going through our finances each week. Yes, this is comical as I was working in a tearoom for $2.50 per hour, and so my finances consisted of $50 entries a month. Justifying my decision to sponsor WWF to him on this low income was a challenge. I knew at about 7 that the world was back to front; as far as I could see, logic dictated we needed to care for the planet as the priority. Admittedly I did not know the challenges of running a household and the costs of raising a family; lessons my Dad was trying to instill in me.

Imagine my delight when many years later, I created a workable solution. I could carry on supporting the critical work done by WWF whilst also supporting the business that pays my and my awesome teams' salary. It felt like Willie Wonka's golden ticket but without the weight gain.

We are thrilled to be creating 900 bracelets for WWFUS thanks to our partnership with Wildlife Artists Inc. I cannot describe to you the pride and joy this gives us. I would love to shine a light on our mighty team and our mighty jewellery and how hard they work for the better.

These 900 bracelets are putting good back into the planet in many ways. Through their creation from poachers' snare wire, we remove something brutal from our planet and transform it into something beautiful that brings joy. The employment this creates for our wonderful team directly supports over 35 people due to the dependents they support on their wages. Let us not forget the special touches too. Each piece of jewellery needs a handmade clasp created by a local tradesman and our beautiful gift bag designed by a local tailor. And now, to the powerhouse positive, we donate back to Zambian conservation with each product sold. And, you guessed it, WWFUS uses profits from their sales to fund their essential work. My goodness, I love the extent our jewellery can contribute. It is like a magic formula (and unlike my algebra lessons, I understand and love this one).

While this is an efficient conservation formula, I need to mention the show's stars in true Oscar-winning speech style. No, not my hairdresser! The team. We have a small team of 6 jewellery makers, and they are handmaking not only each bracelet but also each snare bead. That takes commitment and drive, especially when you have felt how tough that brutal wire is to manipulate. I always feel that time is the greatest symbol of your affection. The level of care and time that goes into making each piece is felt when the bracelet is worn, and the power of each piece goes out into the world to bring positivity into the life of that generous supporter. A symbol of how much they care and the difference they want to make.

It is all about the positive circle, don't you think?

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