Launching our Snare Wire Collection

Launching our Snare Wire Collection

I am extremely excited to be launching the Mulberry Mongoose Snare Wire Collection; not only are we creating beautiful jewellery but we are donating to a critical project – anti-snaring patrols in the South Luangwa Valley.

Laying snare traps is a devastating way of poaching, killing and wounding thousands of our iconic wildlife each year. Snare wire is laid down in great numbers, normally around watering wholes to maximise the chances of catching an animal. The aim is to find, kill and then sell bush meat, however, it is indiscriminate affecting all species including giraffe, elephant, leopard, lion and the endangered wild dog.


Thankfully Conservation South Luangwa (CSL) and the Zambian Carnivore Programme (ZCP) work together to run anti-snaring patrols. These patrols cover many kilometres searching and collecting in snare wire. They also locate, dart and treat animals wounded by snare wire wherever possible. It is expensive work.

Our Snare Wire Collection uses the wire in each piece of jewellery. We transform something brutal into something beautiful. With the sale of each piece of jewellery to our retail clients $5.00 is donated back to funding more patrols; the same instrument set down to destroy wildlife is transformed into a tool to ensure their future.

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