A legend visiting our Shop Less Ordinary!

A legend visiting our Shop Less Ordinary!

I love my work on so many different levels. It's hard to know what is my favourite part. I always wanted to help protect our wonderful wildlife and to find a creative way to give back has been extraordinary. Whilst I am not the best manager (I suffer from impatience, an inability to explain things succinctly and a brain that bounces in different directions) I love working with the Mulberry Mongoose team. They have taught me so much. Six courageous ladies and our young and talented Artison, come to work each day with commitment and passion despite real hardship at home. They are gentle, forgiving and compassionate and they like to laugh as much as possible! By working with this team I have become a better manager and person; I also know they all feel pride at having a skill and are given more respect amongst their peers.

But perhaps my favourite part of what I do is connecting with inspirational and like-minded people who visit our shop or contact us online. Having empathetic and cultured guests visit our workshop to learn about all we do is a thrill. I love how guests get so behind our work and take such pleasure in talking with our team. You realise, despite all the News stories saying otherwise, that people are intrinsically compassionate, generous and connected.

Lori Evans was one such guest who filled me with awe and gratitude. She visited as part of the incredible Dazzle Africa  group; Dazzle Africa create holidays that combine safari with philanthropy and their guests are inspirational, passionate and empathetic. 

And so we met Lori who is friendly and modest and was so enthusiastic about our work.. that always makes me happy! Most importantly Lori has helped make an exceptional difference to Wildlife Conservation. She volunteered to help Lobby for the legislation in Washington State to ban ivory. This led to the broader Initiative to the People dealing with trafficking of animal parts. Thanks to her dedication and the work by other key figures, Washington State voted to ban the trade in elephant ivory, rhino horns and other endangered wildlife parts.

I do believe that changing legislation is a crucial part in helping to conserve our beautiful wildlife for future generations. I also see that pushing through legislation is an arduous task and involves deep commitment and drive. What an honour to meet Lori and yet another reason to love my work.

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