Local Materials: Hand carved wooden beads

Local Materials: Hand carved wooden beads

A corner stone of our design values is to incorporate as many local materials into our jewellery as possible. This enables our belief that everything we do must have layers of positive impact. By using hand carved wooden beads we generate essential income to talented local carpenters. The way they hand craft each bead with nothing more than an axe, vice and saw is mesmerizing. We feel privileged to spotlight a local community who are still blessed with skill and dexterity to create such beauty.


On average a working Zambian in Mfuwe, South Luangwa, supports ten dependents on their income. Any employment is a lifeline giving families access to food, medical support, and education. By ordering our beads from local carpenters we can contribute to this essential economy.

Mulberry Mongoose Local Materials: Hand Carved Wooden Beads

Using handmade beads ensures our singular design; no two beads are the same and therefore no other piece of jewellery looks like yours. Your Mulberry Mongoose pieces carry the energy of the hands and people that crafted them as well as the texture and feeling of the beautiful South Luangwa where they were created. By enjoying our designs and sharing our story you share this important message forwards and give money back to conservation and employment in Zambia at the same time!



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Mulberry Mongoose Local Materials: Hand carved wooden beads Mulberry Mongoose Local Materials: Hand Carved Wooden Beads - Savannah Collection
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