- Kate Wilson

Making a snare bead, how hard can it be?.. check out our video

The Snare wire is collected by the brave rangers of Conservation South Luangwa working in partnership with DNPW as they patrol for up to 10 days in the Zambian bush. These rangers risk their lives to prevent poachers harming our iconic wildlife.

Once collected the wire is cut using heavy-duty pliers and hammered flat with a metal hammer and an industrial anvil. Or it is coiled into tight wire beads.  Needless to say our courageous ladies' biceps rival Madonna’s! Then comes the drilling… we get through 5 steel drill bits a week due to the tough nature of the wire. We then grind each piece with our trusty Draper taking the edges and top coat off. Finally the wire is sanded by hand and coated in metal protector.

Check out our video showing the process 

One snare bead takes an 1 hour to hand make! It’s a labour of love, creating beauty from brutality. We hope you enjoy our story of conservation, female empowerment, craftsmanship and beauty.​ 


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