Mulberry Mongoose : instructions on placing an online order

Mulberry Mongoose : instructions on placing an online order

Thanks so much for getting excited about placing an order with Mulberry Mongoose. The team and I can’t wait to send this to you.

In case you are like us, better with people than with machines, we thought we would put together a user-friendly guide on how to order through our online shop. Here it is!

  • Click SHOP NOW on our home page (just under our Logo)
  • Click on one of the 3 Collections (Snare Wire, African Bush, Zambian Heritage)
  • Click on the product photo you like and if you want to buy it click Add to Bag
  • If you need to check sizes click on the arrow by length
  • If you need to check what it’s made of click on the arrow by materials
  • Once you have added one product to your bag you can continue shopping by clicking SHOP in the title bar
  • Alternatively, you can click Check Out to pay and finalise the order
  • If you have a PayPal account click PAYPAL to finalise the transaction (Ensure your PayPal account delivery address is up to date as that is what will be sent to us for delivery.)
  • If you want to pay using Visa fill in the Shipping address, discount code (if you have one, lucky you, click Apply) and then click Continue to Shipping method
  • You have two choices for shipping method, Mercury Mail and Fedex described below these instructions. Click the one you prefer.
  • Then click your payment preference of Visa – you have another opportunity to click PayPal here too. Please read our Visa information below to make sure you are comfortable about how we will ask for your details.
  • Then click Continue to Payment
  • Then Confirm Order. An email is automatically sent to confirm this order. We also write a personal email once we have received the email to give you definite time frames and ask if you want to add any personal messages to your order.

        Freight information!

        Mercury Mail
        Never heard of it? Fair one. As we are based in the middle of the Zambian bush, to find a cost-effective freight method we have done a bit of research and found a cool company called Mercury Mail.  They will charge $10 to send the order and it will take about 2 weeks to reach the UK and Europe, 4 weeks for the US and 5 weeks for Oz.

        Your order goes on quite a journey. It needs to travel 40 minutes from our workshop to the local airport, it will pass a lot of wildlife on its way which is fun. It then flies 1 hour and ten minutes to our capital Lusaka. We did a little video of your order’s journey to the first airport it visits for fun, check out our blog! Then Mercury Mail pick it up and pop it into a mail bag that is recorded and sent by plane to the UK. Finally, a Royal Mail stamp is added, and it is dropped into Royal Mail’s letter system. It is normal Royal Mail service so not traceable and a bit slower, but this epic journey costs you $10.

        There is also Fedex

        As you might know we send orders to stockists worldwide. To do this we use Fedex and they have a great team in Zambia and can get an order to you in 5-10 days. This service is traceable too. The order still travels pretty far and requires a wee bit of paperwork, it also costs $30, so a little more but much faster.

        Visa payments

        Currently our bank in Zambia is Zanaco

        They are a very friendly bank but aren’t able to synchronise our accounts with the Shopify website we have; they still need to work on the technical side. That means we need to ask you to send your middle Visa number and expiry date to us via email. We then use our shop Point of Sale machine to run through the payment. To do this as securely as possible we ask you to email your middle Visa card number on 2 emails and then the expiry date on a third email. Or you can use WhatsApp to send them as this is encrypted.

        We hope this has helped and we love sending orders across the world. To date we have handled 241 orders from our Shopify website, so we have gained great experience and look forward to sending more. Don't forget with every sale we make a $5 donation to anti snare patrols. Check to our About Us page to see how much we have raised so far.

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