- Kate Wilson

NEW design launch - The Rhino Conservation Design

We are thrilled to recognize World Rhino Day by launching our Rhino Snare and Vegetable Ivory design. With each sale we donate to both anti-snare patrols in Zambia and to the vital work of Stop Rhino Poaching in South Africa.


I was lucky enough to see my first rhino after our move to Johannesburg last year. Our family was expanding our horizons by emigrating and it felt right that Mulberry Mongoose should expand her positive impact at the same time. Hence, we decided to create a design for rhino conservation.

Through mixing hammered, brutal snare wire with pieces of vegetable ivory seed and beautiful shell, we aim to represent the balance of strength and fragility of the rhino.  

Vegetable ivories are an organic seed from the indigenous palm tree. Local artisans earn a living carving them into shapes. We are always struck by how beauty can be found through organic materials whilst generating essential income. The need to create with a positive impact is so critical as we look to protect our natural environment and the people who live side by side with it.

This is a symbolic design for Mulberry Mongoose in so many ways, as it is the first that I have not created myself. Vi, Phelida and Clera worked tirelessly to design this collection. I believe it is one of our best yet and how apt too. It’s a testament to our belief in growing, changing, and constantly improving to achieve more. 

We hope you love it as much as we do!

- Kate & The Team 

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