- Kate Wilson

New press in Departures : 10 of the World's Top Ethical Fashion Brands

We are over the moon to be featured in Departures 10 of the World's Top Ethical Fashion Brands

Such an honour to be mentioned alongside stunning, creative brands that are making a difference. A huge shout out to Mola Sasa, Veja, Tio y Tia, Matter, Nisolo, Vrai & Oro, Anuk, Mohinders and Maria Cornejo.

As consumers we have more power than we think. There is so much heart and so much drive in us all to make the world a sustainable place and to celebrate the natural beauty that was gifted to us. By picking brands that give back and are ecologically responsible we can celebrate fashion and creativity whilst safe guarding our heritage. It's such an exciting time to be an ethical brand and it's journalists like Michaela Trimble and magazines like Departures, sharing our stories that will enable us to reach our full potential.

I am feeling extremely grateful.

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