Our wonderful Clarita

Our wonderful Clarita

Clera Njobvu is a very special young lady. I remember the day she joined our team. As Clera walked through the door for an interview I was on my knees with the stress of a company issue. I was demoralized and wanted to give up and hide in a cupboard! 

The 19 year old Clera sits down with her beautiful smile and wonderful energy and somehow everything felt better. This young, mature, dedicated, selfless and highly capable person was about to push Mulberry Mongoose to the next level with her presence.

She quickly won the team’s trust and respect and managed our shop and production within weeks of joining us. This was no easy task as we were scrabbling around trying to build a business in the bush. Anything and everything could and did happen. I still remember when an elephant pushed her head through our workshop door shattering it.. after the shock Clera smiled and said, ‘sorry I didn’t upsell the earrings to her, I was a little taken aback!’


You will know Clera from the beautiful online orders she prepares and the wonderful notes and videos she writes. She cares about each order and puts her all into the thrill of sending something so special across the world.

It is Clera’s sunny smile that you will normally meet at our workshop door. She shares a tour of our workshop and shop patiently conveying why our business is so impactful and important.

Clera also helps manage our photoshoots and looking so stunning herself, tends to end up in most of them! She loves helping with design and gets passionate and involved in the process.

But my favorite thing about Clera is her humble ability to put up with me. The truth is I can be rather painful to work with, always in a rush, always pushing for more, always working out how it could have been done differently. Clera is run off her feet trying to appease my passionate belief that we can grow and be stronger. Never does she turn to me and tell me to wind my neck in, never does she begrudge an impatient comment.. she always says  ‘we are learning and that’s what matters’. 

There are a few things that have happened to Mulberry Mongoose that have made me feel the business is being supported by a higher power. Clera walking through my door that difficult day is one of them.

We wish this special human the happiest of birthdays and we thank her so much for all she does for Mulberry Mongoose and our wonderful clients.

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