Our wonderful Naomi

Our wonderful Naomi

Celebrating the awesome Naomi. Mother of three, Naomi has worked with Mulberry Mongoose since 2014 and is famous for her dazzling smile! Read a bit more about her, in her own words, below:

My favourite Mulberry Mongoose jewellery is the Snare Leaf earrings and the Snare Cord bracelet. This is because they were the first pieces of jewellery that I learned to make at Mulberry Mongoose. My favourite thing about working here is that I get to interact with people from different parts of the world!

The moments in the workshop I enjoy the most is during lunch break when everyone has the time to sit and share their stories.

My hope for the future is for my children to get a better education for them to make it in life. As for my community, my hope is for development so that people can learn different skills to improve their lives.

I want to thank all the international clients that come through our doors and place orders with us; it makes such a big impact on our lives!

Naomi x



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