Personalizing your jewelry

Personalizing your jewelry

Each Mulberry Mongoose item is hand crafted and therefore one of a kind. However, we also offer an extra touch to make your pieces even more personal. 

Personalizing by letter stamping

Our team can skillfully metal punch letters, numbers and even animal symbols onto your pieces. They then finely mark each letter with special ink.

We offer key pieces that can be letter stamped for you click here for the collection. View our personalized collection. 

How to confirm what you want letter stamped

Click Yes under Letter stamping $5 at the top of the page, it sits below the size selection. Then add the name or word you would like in 'Text for letter stamping' and click 'Add to bag'. A $5 charge will be added to your order and your personalization option and message will be confirmed at checkout. 

The message we can stamp will depend on the size of the jewelry, but we recommend keeping your personalized word to a 7 character limit. If you have any questions about letter stamping, send us an email.

A reminder only some of our items can be letter stamped, click here to view the collection. 


Bespoke sizing

Almost every item in the Mulberry Mongoose range can be made to specific sizing requirements. When you place your online order with us, leave your measurements in the Order special instructions box in the Cart section.

If we have any more questions or want to double check anything, we'll be in touch via email. 

We love to send personalized orders and make every Mulberry Mongoose item we send extra special. Don't forget, every order comes with a handwritten note from the team and includes a donation to local anti-snare patrols.

We also do birthday and Christmas videos from the team member who crafted your item. You can request this via email or in the comments box at the checkout! 


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