- Kate Wilson

The Thirsty Honey Badger..a tale from the African bush!

Living and working in the African bush is an adventure; there is always a funny story to share! To spark up this Wednesday we are retelling the legendary tale of a drunken honey badger;  shared by the wonderful Time+Tide Africa team working at Luwi bushcamp...we hope you enjoy their story.

The thirsty honey badger

Honey badgers have a notorious reputation. Lion have been seen to stand up and move out of their path and they can survive deadly snake venom.  But as one clever honey badger worked out why eat snake when you can raid the bush camp kitchen and gorge on the goodies stashed nicely in a locked fridge.  One night this repeat kitchen hooligan, with a gift for lock picking, was rummaging around and found and drank 5 litres of cooking wine.  He then fell over blind drunk by the kitchen door. Next morning he was still sleeping off his hangover when the staff came back to work. Horrified to be so close to the legendary thug the staff drew straws to see who would be unlucky enough to have to carry the badger outside.  Surely the only thing scarier than a honey badger was a hung over one! Unceremoniously dumped under a tree, the waiters looked on as he slowly revived and trotted off groggily no doubt in search of water!

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