The Lucky Bean

The Lucky Bean

Let’s be honest, it’s hard not to get excited about a bead called a Lucky bean! This seed comes from the indigenous Aeruginosa abyssinica or Lucky bean tree. When these trees flower, it is a signal that it’s a good time to plant crops and that is why they were nicknamed Lucky.

The idea of using these seeds in our jewellery is not original. African people have always collected them to create necklaces and charms.

As well as being full of vibrancy and character, using these beautiful seeds hits at our core business values. We love creating jewellery that speaks of the African bush and that reinvests back into the local economy. Chola carefully collects in our Lucky beans. She is the only bread winner in her family with 2 young children to educate and care for. 

It’s not easy to extract these bright red beauties. She firstly has to scrabble under bushes to find and pick the pods. She then sets up shop in her yard and painstakingly empties each husk to reveal the lovely seeds. 


We love how many hands go into making our jewellery. You can feel the energy of each artisan when you wear our pieces, and pride in the positive impact each piece has on people's livelihoods.

Take a look at our fun yet refined new Lucky bean collection!

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