The rains in Africa

The rains in Africa

The infamous African rains fill my heart with a mixture of joy and horror in equal measure! That extraordinary rain that inspired one of the best songs of all time, fills you with wonder about nature and makes you want to throw caution to the wind, race outside and get absolutely drenched. 

The only snag is, after doing this, and the initial exaltation subsides, some of the other realities of this awe inspiring downpour come to light!

Here is a fun little story about one of my many experiences during the African bush rains. We thought you would also enjoy some light relief!

Date February 2010...

Living next to the Luangwa river means nervously watching the rising water levels in the rainy season. Each night, we’d stick a marker in the ground telling ourselves that if the water went past it we’d raise all our belongings off the ground. And each day, the water would go past our marker, which we’d then move to avoid packing up all our things!

Sure enough, by mid-February water flowed through our hallway, bringing with it various frogs and snakes that we just got used to having around. One morning as we brushed our teeth, we watched a set of unmistakable ridges glide past the window within a meter of us. That was the day our garden became a crocodile infested river.


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