- Kate Wilson

TLC Children's Home

I am excited to share this story of dedication and selfless calling. It reminds how extraordinary, passionate and brave people are.
Thanks to the wonderful Bob and Mabel Noyen, I found myself connecting with Pippa Jarvis of TLC Children’s Home. A Children’s Home dedicated to offering young orphans a chance in life. TLC gives these orphans a loving childhood. Pippa and her team also work tirelessly to try and find homes for each child. Adoption is a challenging process and their expert knowledge and courageous tenacity make a big impact. 
Pippa is unassuming and touchingly interested in others. When we spoke 7 of her 14 adopted children were home schooling, her children’s home was in the middle of a Covid outbreak, and it had no power due to a stolen electricity transformer. No power meant no water, and let’s keep in mind this is a home with 25 babies and toddlers… it’s hard to imagine how anyone can keep their composure under that pressure.  Despite all this Pippa was thoughtful and engaging and very excited about Mulberry Mongoose. She kindly took the time to share their powerful story.
Pippa’s mother volunteered in hospitals and saw firsthand how young babies in Johannesburg were being forgotten by the system; these unprepared mothers had faced very hard situations and couldn’t cope. She started to fight to protect these voiceless children. She adopted many whilst also bringing up her 5 biological children. As the number of children under her care grew so did the need for an official orphanage and donations to help them run it. Pippa and her sisters later joined in the running of this special space now called TLC Children’s Home.
One of the things I loved about talking to Pippa was her dedication to practical solutions and the energy they put into doing their very best for the children on every level. Firstly, the home is a place of love and care where the kids can feel safe, play and be children. They have even raised funds and are busy building a purpose-built space to give them improved facilities and a better environment to grow up in. They have committed staff that throw their passion into caring for these young lives. Pippa also campaigns relentlessly to find homes for each child. This is no easy task and involves her investing hours working with officials. She ensures her children’s interests are represented and that endless paperwork is up to date to facilitate an adoption process.
After our chat I sat back and wondered at the calling some have and the mountains they move for others. I felt guilty that I had so much and didn’t do more for others; it’s hard not to feel that way after speaking to Pippa. However, she was so positive and grateful to share her story, to connect and talk of jewellery and creativity. I realised my gift, whilst small in comparison to her efforts, had value and that positive energy and interest in what she does gives her a needed boost.
So, the team and I created a bracelet and necklace for kids and adults that raises funds for them whilst celebrating the light they bring to our world. The product links are below and do check out TLC’s work - it is uplifting and inspiring and they would be touched by your interest. https://tlc.org.za/
Ps. Their Facebook page is full of cute baby pics too! https://web.facebook.com/TlcChildrensHome

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