We will throw in a lion with that online order to boot!

We will throw in a lion with that online order to boot!

Wouldn't it be fun to ask your online order what it saw on it's way to you?

I always get excited to learn what they pass; here are three of my favourites for 2017:

  1. Liz's order passed lion with cubs    
  2. Antonella's passed wild dog 
  3. Ron's passed a leopard gracefully chilling in a tree.

And for those that don't know the journey that order takes.....

Once carefully loaded onto a safari vehicle:

  • Follow a dusty track past Kalawani pan (a favourite meeting place for elephant)  
  • Turn right by a large watering whole full of hippo 
  • After a pot-wholed road with many giraffe, elephant and baboon turn right
  • Head through a bustling African 'town' called Cropping
  • Pass the brightly coloured shops & noisy market stalls (remember to slow down for goats & bicycles) 
  • Then straight onto Mfuwe International Airport!

Thank you for choosing something extraordinary and placing an online order with Mulberry Mongoose.

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