What does Mulberry Mongoose even mean?

What does Mulberry Mongoose even mean?

One of our favourite questions is Why are you called Mulberry Mongoose? We love this question as our name represents our mission.

Firstly, we named ourselves after the wonderful, banded mongoose. These marvellous animals, found in the African bush, survive by being a community. They don’t have super strength or venom to keep them safe, so they work cohesively. One mongoose keeps watch while the others feed or care for the young.  Likewise Mulberry Mongoose thrives by caring for the whole; we create invaluable employment, empower our rural Zambian team, buy local raw materials, remove brutal snare wire from circulation and donate to conservation with each sale. Mongooses communicate incessantly; anyone that has been to our workshop knows the chatter and laughter that rings out from our production floor.

Mulberry is a nod to my childhood in England where I grew up with a Mulberry tree in my garden. Our business is based in the African bush, an environment that poses many challenges including elephant bashing our front door down and baboon stealing our online orders (click here for those fun stories!). However, we are determined to create jewellery that is global in design and quality and give service that will rival any found in the West.


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