World Female Ranger Day

World Female Ranger Day

We're so excited to share the amazing project that our good friends at How Many Elephants have launched. To celebrate female anti-poaching rangers worldwide with the World Female Ranger Day. We love their approach to supporting global conservation efforts in innovative ways as well as their focus on the brave women who fight for conservation.

Check out the World Female Ranger Day platform by clicking on the photos below. You can make donations and record a video that is viewed by these incredible women on the frontlines of conservation. They're also launching the ranger challenge today, sign-up to step into the boots of a wildlife ranger and see what it’s like to patrol, every day, across vast distances.

We're so incredibly proud and honoured to feel connected to these women, and we can't wait to celebrate this day for years to come!

Mulberry Mongoose: World Female Ranger Day, Support the Rangers


Mulberry Mongoose: World Female Ranger Day, Meet the Rangers


Mulberry Mongoose: World Female Ranger Day, Female Ranger Call Out


Learn more about the World Female Ranger Day initiative, and their organisers - How Many Elephants.



Credit and thanks to the incredible photographer Andrew Macdonald for the beautiful and powerful images taken of the Female Rangers for Conservation Lower Zambezi pictured in this blog.

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