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Personalizing by Letter stamping

Each Mulberry Mongoose item is hand crafted and therefore one of a kind. However, we also offer an extra touch to make your pieces even more personal. 

We personalize your jewelry using a unique practice called letter stamping.

With great precision our team hammer each letter or number into the metal before marking the indent with special ink. This intense workmanship can be watched on this video.

The product pages show which pieces can be personalized. As standard we can add a 7 letter word or number mix.

How to confirm what you want letter stamped

Click Yes under Letter stamping $5 at the top of the page, it sits below the size selection. Then add the name or word you would like in 'Text for letter stamping' and click 'Add to bag'. A $5 charge will be added to your order and your personalization option and message will be confirmed at checkout. 

Sometimes, if a metal bead is longer, we can add more letters so please reach out with special requests.

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