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This design is very close to my heart. Designed on the banks of the Zambezi when I was preparing to leave Zambia and emigrate to South Africa. I was so emotional remembering all those years ago when my now-husband, Dave, brought me to this powerful river for a canoe safari. It was my first time in Africa and we got engaged during the trip. I was terrified as I knew saying yes to marriage meant saying yes to living in the African bush. All those years ago I had no idea of the joy, adventure and personal growth I was about to experience. As this full and vibrant river flowed past I watched the vibrant kingfisher and graceful heron dip into the water, I listened to the bellowing of the hippo and I enjoyed the different shades of the green, blue and occasional sparkle of reds. I started sketching a necklace that would embody my love of Zambia and the fulfilment this country has given me, enabling me to create a business that I believe in passionately. This design captures as many elements of Zambia in its design and eclectically mixes them to create a joyful look designed to celebrate the beauty of its people, wildlife and the adventure of life. From hand-carved zebra and mukwa wood beads, vintage coins, copper, hand made snare beads and bold colours.

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