A Shop Less Ordinary

We love giving a feel-good experience that is uniquely Zambian, educates on conservation whilst being innovative and fun. Leave us with purposeful, beautiful mementos having had a heart-warming adventure.

What to expect...

  1. Guests are personally greeted and given a 10-minute tour of our workshop where you can watch brutal poachers’ traps transformed, local beads made into art and connect with our hospitable team. Check out this cool video by our Operations Manager sharing how we transform the snare traps!
  2. Try our famous Snare Coiling Competition and really understand how a snare trap works and how hard it is to work with. You walk away with your snare creation and a place on our leader board! Check out our video to get a feel for the fun!
  3. Browse our award-winning shop and connect with our team asking questions to really connect with Zambian culture and learn about our lives.
  4. Of course each piece of Mulberry Mongoose is gift wrapped and we love taking special requests.
  5. We also do special group events when wanted!

A few details on timing to help you plan!

  1. As a cultural activity between game drives and after brunch.
  2. On departure from, or arrival into, the South Luangwa.  Guests drive past Mulberry Mongoose on their way to and from the airport.
  3. We recommend 30-45 minutes for a tour and shopping.
  4. For special requests we can open early or late. We use solar power and 24-hour connectivity.
  5. Open 7 days a week 7am-4.30 pm
  6. Open on public holidays
  7. We are fluent in English and Chinanja.

Feel free to book our unique Jewelry Making Activity.

    This fun and creative activity fits perfectly after your morning game drive and brunch. Check out this video to get a feel for it!

    • It takes about 45-60 minutes (times are flexible around the guests needs)
    • Costs $40 per person 
    • Works for group sizes of between 1-6 (larger groups possible with advance warning)
    • You take home your personally made jewelry with hand made snare bead.

    Book via your lodge or directly using operations@mulberrymongoose.com