Clera Our Operations Manager

Favourite design: Our Rhino conservation necklace in blue

My favourite part of this job is meeting and sharing our unique story to the people that may have or even never heard of snares. Knowing that the work we do matters not only to me, but to many more people across countries. Learning many more skills as we grow gives me so much joy - Clera Njobvu

Clera, or Clarita to her closest friends, started with us in May 2016 and trained in jewelery making, production management, shop management before being promoted to Operations Manager in 2022. Loved by her team and our clients alike her beautiful smile conveys a caring, intelligent person whose passion for the purpose of Mulberry Mongoose shines through in everything she does.

Clera is daughter to the late Aubrey Njobvu a respected guide and incredible human being. Aubrey and his wonderful wife Mervis brought up 18 children of whom 6 were their own. Aubrey’s passion for wildlife, extraordinary intelligence and deep sense of community influenced those under his care and many have gone to impact the South Luangwa through jobs in conservation, guiding and nursing. Clera had a pull to the creative and instinctively applied to our Mulberry Mongoose job advert. Thank goodness she did, it gives such joy to watch her career growth.

A fun fact about Clera is she is brilliant at chess. Self- taught Clera earned her first chess board when she met a guest at a neighbouring lodge. He invited Clera to play a game when she expressed an interest, only to be bowled over by the fact she won. After he was beaten a further 5 times he handed over the chess board and promised to return, after practice, to compete in the future. Clera was even invited to play chess for Zambia but chose to stay and care for her family.