Guinea Fowl Feathers

I used to throw my feathers to waste and here I am proud supplier of a caring company like Mulberry Mongoose. thanks, Mulberry team. - George

We source guinea fowl feathers from a network of rural subsistence farmers. Guinea fowl are resistant to most poultry diseases, making them ideal livestock for rural African farmers with very limited financial income and little access to veterinary support. The birds’ nutritional benefits and the sale of eggs and meat are critical income. Many local farmers rely on their bird livestock to pay for basics such as school fees and family medical needs.

We buy over 2000 feathers a year. Buying the iconic feathers hugely expands the income earning potential for our rural African farmers. Once bought our team sort through the feathers selecting the best quality. As we create our designs huge effort is invested in pairing them to look beautiful in our Guinea fowl and Savannah designs.

Important information: Guinea fowl are both beautiful and robust; they thrive in the harsh environment of the African bush. People don’t realise, that with care, guinea fowl feather jewellery travels well and lasts many years. Click here to go out our Care section and learn more.