Hand Carved Wooden Beads & Handmade Shop Displays

It means a lot to supply you. It gives me the courage to show my talent and thanks to Mulberry Mongoose for the support and belief in what I do. You really support local artists - Amon

We buy over 5,000 hand carved wooden beads each year. Working with wood offcuts local carpenters use an axe and vice to shape the wood; with chisel and saw they refine the shapes before using sandpaper to finish each bead. No electric tools are used, and no two wooden beads are the same.

Wood is collected from the forestry department to ensure it is ethically sourced. Attached to the back of a bike the wood is cycled many kilometres to arrive back at open-air workshops along our main tar road. Oftentimes our beads can be made from the leftover wood of larger carpentry projects enabling the local artisan to maximise financial benefit from their wood.

These wooden beads are drilled and sometimes letter stamped before being added to our designs. Particularly used in our Zambezi, Organic element, and Savannah collections we love how they represent the African bush in colour and texture.

Our talented carpenters also create our shop displays. The wonderful organic look celebrates African artisanal skill and enables us to further invest in our rural African economy.

Fun fact: I once did a sale in the UK and didn’t want to take across heavy wooden displays but did want the same look. I reached out to a British carpenter to source the wooden busts. He said he couldn’t help with such a challenging project. I was struck by the fact that our local carpenters, who don’t have electricity and only basic tools, are able to craft these props so efficiently. Local Africans possess a genius we hope to celebrate as part of our business values.