Handmade Metal Beads & S-clasps

Am happy to be part of conserving our wildlife by supplying the s-clasp and metal findings to Mulberry Mongoose. - Nason

Using stainless steel wire and copper bought from our rural hardware stores, talented artisan Nason creates over 10 thousand hand-made jump rings, beads, and S-clasps each year. With a simple pair of pliers and a saw Nason works peacefully on his front doorstep, expertly forming each bead.

Using locally crafted clasps and jump rings complements the look of the upcycled snare trap beads and aligns with our values of investing in the rural African economy and celebrating the uniqueness of the Zambian bush. These metal beads are most noticeable in our Snare Chain collection, Snare link design and Multi strand bracelet but are used in every collection we craft.

Fun fact: When you visit our local town, Mfuwe, you will be filled with joy at the bustling local African village scenes. Rural Africa is a place of bustle, fun and community. Brightly coloured shops sit on either side of our tar road where we buy our local hardware, tools, and food. We enjoy the shop names which capture the mood, amongst our favourite are Scorpion Never Cry which sells grass matts, Wild People which sells groceries and Hope of Glory which sells sundries.