Kate - Founder

Favorite design: Zambezi design

'To be passionate about your business and to see it add value to the world, is a great gift. To learn and grow stronger in yourself each day because of that, is an incredible blessing' - Kate Wilson

Kate was born and raised in England and, after a French degree at Edinburgh University, moved to London to work in Recruitment. She met her now husband, Zimbabwean born Dave, in 2003 and shocked her family with a sudden move to the African bush.

Whilst adapting to a new way of life Kate learnt more about herself. By her own admission Zambia punched her in the face many times. She realised the perspective she moved to Africa with was fundamentally flawed. Zambia was a journey of self-actualisation and realisation. During this journey Kate uncovered her hidden desire to set up an ethical craft business that reflected her core values. 

That’s when the fun began, and Kate started building what we call Mulberry Mongoose today. Her life in the bush held many adventures and challenges which she captured in funny stories sent to friends. The tale of the spitting cobra in her bedroom, the family dog chasing a hippo and the drunken honey badger express Kate’s love of transmuting challenge to humor and positivity.

Fun fact, Kate had done 23 jobs by the time she was 21 years old. She has many comical and often disastrous stories to share about these roles; but she is also grateful for the experiences which helped give her the courage to start Mulberry Mongoose.

  • Raised for anti snare patrols

  • Snare traps transformed

  • Snare wire removed from circulation

"Beautiful jewellery, well-made, original, and to top all of that, made from snare wire and giving a donation to conservation. There's a lot to love here!" - Penny, Great Britain

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