Lucky Bean Seeds

It means a lot to me, as a single mother. Your support has enabled me to take my children to school and support my siblings. I can’t thank you enough team mulberry you are the best. - Chola

This bright red seed comes from the indigenous Aeruginosa abyssinica or Lucky bean tree. When the tree flowers, it is a signal to plant crops hence the nickname Lucky. The seeds are very small making them hard to work with, but their vibrancy is a joy to behold.

We buy approximately 5000 seeds each year. Chola, single mother of 2 and sole carer of 4 dependants, works hard to collect these iconic seeds; it is her only income.

Chola ducks under thick bushes to collect 100’s of pods. Lucky bean bushes are found next to the infamous buffalo bean creeper which, when disturbed, sheds needle like invisible seeds which stick in your skin. Chola bravely and expertly manoeuvres to avoid these. On returning home she sits on a grass matt outside her home and painstakingly opens each pod emptying the bright red beads into baskets. She has to sift through them to remove the brown rotten beads, so they don’t contaminate the bags that she sells to us. We are Chola’s only client for this unique craft.

On receiving and quality controlling the tiny red seeds our team painstakingly drill each one to use in our lucky bean and Zambezi designs.

Important information: Despite their role of signalling the coming of the rains, lucky beans hate water and turn a dark colour immediately. Keep them nice and dry to preserve their beauty.