Yobo – From Watchman to Jewellery Maker

Favourite design: Original collection

Working with Mulberry Mongoose has enabled me to look after my family, to be able to take my only daughter to a good school and be a good father to her. Each day is a joy knowing I am creating something that is giving back into my and the communities future. - Yobo

Yobo started working for Mulberry Mongoose as a watchman. Ever smiling this father of 1 endeared himself to the team with his work ethic, incredible practical skills, and sense of team. Yobo was so committed he started to teach himself how to make snare beads in his free time. He would then come to work after his night shift and persuade the team to teach him jewellery making skills. Before long Yobo was able to make most of our bracelets due to his determination and passion.

This incredible work ethic paid off when we were very busy with an order of 2000 bracelets for WWFUS. We had a tight timeline and were behind due to powercuts. We didn’t know how to finish on time until Clera pointed out Yobo had the skills. From that day on Yobo became a jewellery maker and began in depth training in all skills. We then had the privilege of hiring a new watchman and increasing our payroll and financial impact on the rural community.

Yobo is famed for his courage and dedication and his lion story has become the stuff of legends. On duty one-night Yobo rushed towards a commotion and found a lion disappearing with our neighbouring Chief’s goat. Most of us would have run and hid but Yobo went towards the lion exclaiming loudly to frighten him off the kill. The lion dashed off and Yobo kindly returned one of the goat’s legs to the Chief which was highly appreciated and very neighbourly.