For the Love of Africa: 2020 in Review

For the Love of Africa: 2020 in Review

Wow, what a year! I think we are all racing to the finish line and hope to start 2021 with optimism for better times ahead. To boost us along I wanted to reflect on the positives, our shared passion for Africa, its people and conservation.

Living on this continent has been my life’s greatest gift. You might have read about my husband’s dodgy proposal and my tearful and terrified acceptance to move from London to the middle of the African bush. Kudos to my husband for putting up with me — I dragged my feet and felt utterly terrified! 

My first year in the bush saw baboons stealing my breakfast, elephants blocking my route to work and my dismal attempt at managing a restaurant. While these made funny stories for friends and family back in England, behind the scenes I was crying into my pillow wondering what on earth I was doing.

Africa has taken its time to seep under my skin, or rather I took my time to let it in. I was a planner who loved to control things, characteristics that just don’t work in the African bush. Adventure was at every turn... our vehicle broke down in the dark with hyena circling us, flooding brought crocodiles swimming right up to our bedroom windows, and a spitting cobra decided to live in my newborn daughter’s bedroom… experiences like this have shaped who I am.

But it is my team who continue to help me grow as a person. Africa’s harsh realities, where life and death sit side by side, keep pushing me to see life for what it is. A vibrant gift with no certainty.

I have watched my team lose too many friends and relatives over these years. Their courage is truly inspiring; they sit with life's ebbs and flows gracefully. They appreciate the smaller details of life and celebrate what's important. A morning greeting at Mulberry Mongoose is heart warming and dynamic. They really are asking how you are and how each member of your family is. 

Africa has gently eroded my boundaries and convictions and left me more open to life’s journey. And I truly believe that this has helped me cope in 2020. 

I am grateful that our business is born from purpose. In 2020 I was able to sit back and focus on why we do what we do, and that helped me to make choices and decisions that kept us aligned. Our amazing supporters stepped up as always, sharing our values and adding light and positivity to our journey.

Then there is the pride we feel in making it as a team. A small team in the African bush who tirelessly mould brutal snare wire into a powerful symbol of positivity and hope. For all that COVID-19 has taken away from us, it has given us life skills and the determination to craft a brighter future. 

We are proud to have won two awards and to have raised more for local conservation efforts during this tough year!

African Excellence Awards from MEA Markets - view our page

Best Hand-Crafted Jewellery Company 2020 - Zambia
Distinction Award for Wildlife Conservation Initiatives 2020

We are incredibly proud to have raised $119,578 for Zambian conservation so far, all thanks to our amazing customers.

Our workshop will be open every day accept Christmas Day if you fancy popping in - the team would love to see you! 

Thank you for helping us make it through this crazy year, we really are so grateful.


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